[kmymoney4] [Bug 361850] New: Error in German translation

Jack Ostroff ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Apr 16 18:32:38 UTC 2016

I also responded to the other bug to say that I believe the English 
terms are OK as they are, although I will do more research to see if 
there is anything to support that "share" does not apply as well to 
bonds and mutual funds as to stocks.

I don't speak German, so I can only assume the bug is correct that the 
current German translation uses terms which only apply to stocks and not 
to bonds.  (What about mutual funds?).  As I am not currently sure where 
in the code the terms exist, I do not know if there is any reasonable 
way to put a comment or hint that translations should use a term which 
applies equally to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

(I am not a developer, but I do maintain the documentation for KMyMoney, 
and I will certainly make a note to check that the handbook is correct 
and accurate in use of all these terms.)

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