[kmymoney4] [Bug 360938] Scheduled transactions entered in credit card (liability) have random descriptions populated

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Sat Apr 2 19:06:21 UTC 2016


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OK I managed to fix most of the errors CC threw at me.  There are still some
errors (6) which is much better than 120...

Another thing, theres a "Equity" account with a sub-account named "Opening
balances".  This was not there with KMM 4.6.2.. What is this account?  Some
(4/6) of the errors left are related to this account...  Knowing what it does
and its purpose will help me fix the remaining errors.

For now, I can save the DB to a file (.kmy) and perform CC as I want, without

Next time I see a seg fault I will try to setup the debugger...


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