[Kmymoney-devel] Consistency Check for opening dates

Christian Dávid christian-david at web.de
Mon Nov 30 21:43:35 UTC 2015

Am Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015, 11:28:41 schrieb Thomas Baumgart:
> > I think this error is not useful for the user. Mainly because the long id
> > is shown – to normal users this is the only place to meet this id, so it
> > is absolutely useless. We should change that (I can do that).
> Not really, because in case you copy that long id to the search bar above
> the  ledger in the said account KMyMoney selects exactly that transaction.
> I am not sure if we have another means to identify a transaction within a
> ledger other than showing all details which would swamp the report and
> confuse the user even more.

I think there were a couple of reports on the kmymoney mailing list about 
this. We should really make solving this issue more comfortable. A very simple 
solution could be:

• Make the dialog non-modal
• The transaction id could become a link which opens the ledger with the filter 

Unfortunately I cannot do this in the next couple of weeks (I wanted to be a 
mentor in GCI again but even for that I have no time left).


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