[Kmymoney-devel] Draft release notes for 4.8

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at kde.org
Sun Nov 29 22:37:09 UTC 2015

Here are the draft notes for 4.8.0. As the bulk of the changes went into 
online import, which I don't use and I'm not familiar, please add more 
detail if you think content is lacking.


KMyMoney version 4.8 is now available. This is the latest version based 
for the KDE Software Compilation 4.x series and it contains the 
following main improvements:

     Added support for online SEPA transactions
     Added support for import from Weboob
     Improved payee matching when importing transactions
     Supports AqBanking versions 5.5.0 or later
     Updated Brazilian account templates
     When an account cannot be closed, a tooltip explains the reason
     Categories no longer have opening date, which caused annoying errors 
both during input and while running the consistency check
     Do not inadvertently modify start date of schedules
     Removed latest traces of kd3support

The full list of solved issues can be viewed in KDE's issue tracker. [1]

For a full list of the changes please check out the changelog. We highly 
recommend upgrading to 4.8.

The 4.8.x series will continue to be improved with critical fixes only 
and the team will now focus on the upcoming 5.x series based on KDE 
Frameworks 5.

The KMyMoney Development Team


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