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(In reply to Jack from comment #2), short but no disrespect intended.

> This is an underlying KDE function, not KMM,
. The source is irrelevant - it is part of the program. I could I raise this to
the KDE function area but I am sure that they would consider it an
inappropriate function for a day first format anyway. (BTW Where would I raise
it, I would like to ask them to change their documentation.)

>  but I believe it is behaving correctly. 
. Clearly not - as I have described. It is just not a valid validation
technique for a day first date.

> The date displayed always needs to be a valid date
. Agreed.

> so if you have year 2015 and month 9, then 31 is not a valid day. The widget does not know you are planning on changing the month.
. Then the widget has the wrong assumption built in - a bug.

> If it let you set the date to 31, you might then hit OK, which would not be valid.
. I agree if OK or enter was executed then an invalid date would be entered but
there are other ways of moving on within the date field which would not involve
entering an invalid date.

> I think most users would rather have to change the  year or month first, rather than get an "invalid date" popup when they hit OK.
. I agree, but no users with a day first format accept this. Change your
configuration and try it on 10 end on month transactions such as interest
payments - I'm sure you will agree. Maybe a configuration option is required to
change validation (or disable) for a day first format.  (Like saying most
people are shorter than 180 cm so we can have a laser beam set to 180 cm height
- sucks for the exceptions.)

> I suppose this could be changed to a wishlist,
. No it is a bug because it does not process the date that I am entering
correctly but I accept that it is not a priority

> but I'm not sure how the widget could assume an invalid day means a pending change to month or year, and how long to wait for such a change before either reverting or popping up an error.
. See above - validate after date entered.

>  I also have not idea what this widget has been replaced with in the move to frameworks.

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