[Kmymoney-devel] Developing a plugin

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:21:39 UTC 2015

On 27/01/15 00:14, Jack wrote:
> On 2015.01.26 19:02, aga wrote:
>> On 26/01/15 23:33, Jack wrote:
>>> On 2015.01.25 17:07, Paolo Spanevello wrote:
>>>> does anybody develop a web plugin? at least the essential features
>>>> for example insert a record in the Ledgers?
>>>> I followed the link above but it does not work.
>>>> http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney/plugins/
>>> Paolo,
>>> KMyMoney has migrated from svn to git some time ago, so the new home
>>> of the code base would be
>>> http://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/office/kmymoney or the
>>> repository directory under that.  If you can tell us where you found
>>> that link, someone can correct it.
>>> Also, KMyMoney is a KDE application, not a web application.  Plugins
>>> are to add functionality to the main application.  Writing a web
>>> application to add data to a KMyMoney file is certainly possible, but
>>> it would not be a KMyMoney plugin - it would be a completely separate
>>> application (and not an easy thing to do.)
>>> Just off the top of my head, it might be more reasonable to write a
>>> web application to accept the data necessary for new transactions,
>>> but store it as an OFX file, which can then be imported into
>>> KMyMoney.  However, it also depends on what your actual goal is.
>>> Jack
>> I've just remembered Web Connect, but can't now remember how it works,
>> and I couldn't see it in the handbook.
>> To Paolo
>> If you already have KMyMoney, then it contains the handbook, with the
>> section on writing plugins, although it's short on detail.
> If I remember correctly (I've never used it) WebConnect is the ability
> to go to your bank or other institution's web site, ask it to download a
> data file, and then have KMyMoney import that data without the extra
> step of saving it to disk first.  (Yes, it actually does get saved, but
> you don't have to specify where and then point the KMM import process to
> that file, so it's a bit more efficient.)
> The only mention of writing plugins I can find is at the end of the
> section on import and export, and really just says to use the OFX plugin
> as an example for writing a plugin to import some other format data.  I
> suppose it would be possible to write a web application which is
> interfaced to a plugin for a KMyMoney instance launched by the web app.
> Jack

Yes, I did a search and it produced the page in the handbook, so it is 

I set up a file association for *.ofx and clicked to download.  It 
offered kmymoney, and the file was imported correctly.  So, it is efficient.

Rather than needing to produce a fairly complicated ofx file, a simpler 
file could be produced and imported, perhaps.


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