[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 351139] KMyMoney 4.6.4 crash while reconciling a bank statement. Upon reboot, old transactions are scheduled for entry and balances are wrong.

Thomas Baumgart ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 10 07:09:12 UTC 2015


--- Comment #5 from Thomas Baumgart <ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net> ---
I doubt that the crash during reconciliation has an impact on the loss of any
data in the file unless you have the autosave option turned on. Is that the

The backups being of 0 length does not sound right either. Very strange.

If you start from scratch, please consider to upgrade KMyMoney to some more
recent version (e.g. 4.7.2)

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