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Thu Aug 6 19:46:43 UTC 2015

Hi all,
I am new to KMyMoney (and KDE). I'm thinking KMyMoney could be my replacement for Quicken (I'm getting more and more fed up with them). 
But I do have some issues.  
At the top of my list is that, at startup, KMyMoney spends literally minutes in the KHomeView::investmentBalance() function.  I have imported my QIF from Quicken into KMyMoney and I have thousands of historical holdings for which my share balance is now zero (the vast majority of them are expired put and call options, which is going to lead to some more things on my issues list). I suspect it must be going through each one of those. I know it spends over a minute in that for() loop for each of several calls to the function (I have more than one brokerage account). I  looked for an easy way to not waste time calculating a balance for a stock account when there are zero shares in the account, but I don't see it. But I am a long way from understanding all of the code.  It checks for stock.IsClosed(), but since these came in from Quicken, the stock accounts are not closed. 
I am building on Windows with MSVC2013 via emerge.  So debugging is pretty much limited to watching program flow.  (I don't see "readable" variable values, for example.)
Any thoughts or guidance? I am willing and able to change my copy of the code and try things.
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