[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 346004] New: Ability to pick investments in investment reports

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 09:54:00 UTC 2015

On 10/04/15 03:45, Jack wrote:
> On 2015.04.09 22:11, Ian Neal wrote:
>>>>> Currently there is no way to pick which investments in an investment
>>>>> account to
>>>>> report on. For example if you have 8 investments in an investment
>>>>> account,
>>>>> there is no way of reporting on just 2 or 3 of those investments in
>>>>> the
>>>>> Investment Price Graph report. This makes it difficult to see any
>>>>> detail if one
>>>>> of those investments is 10 times the price of some of the others.
>>>>> Reproducible: Always
>>>>> A way of picking which of the investments to report on would
>>>>> enhance the
>>>>> reporting on investment accounts.
>>> I don't see that problem here. In Investment Price Graph, if I first
>>> select 'None', I am then able to select an individual stock to
>>> display.  That is, if in Settings>General>Filter, I have selected
>>> 'Show equity accounts'.
>>> Allan
>> You are correct, this indeed works. Not sure I would have ever
>> discovered it without your help. Should it be made clearer in the help
>> pages?
>> Ian
> If someone can give me a more specific suggestion on how to improve the
> handbook, I'll be glad to address it.  I can imagine minor changes to
> multiple places about securities in general, but is there also perhaps a
> new FAQ entry?
> Jack
> _______________________________________________

An additional paragraph at the end of the 'Viewing as a Chart' section 
of Graphs and Charts.

For instance, if you have several securities in the same investment 
account, and if you were to display them all together, the result might 
not be too helpful, especially if their prices are markedly different. 
So, when configuring, de-select all accounts - None - and then just 
select a small number of securities to display.  To enable this, go to 
Settings>Configure KMM>General>Filter and select 'Show equity accounts'.

Feel free to extend/modify.


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