[Kmymoney-devel] Comments about KMyMoney (required privs on Windows)

Alec Evans alec.evans at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jun 1 04:38:01 UTC 2014

Thanks Jack - I'll try that later today.

On both machines I started installation as a user but entered the
logon/password for admin privileges when asked. Usually this works just the
same as installing from the chosen admin account. But see next para...

In the meantime, I discovered that it's only on the initial run of the
program that "Run as admin" is needed. Subsequently it fires up OK straight
from a user account. My guess is that most people (I just had to be
different ;-) install from an admin account and immediately run the program,
so this behaviour would not be noticed.

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On 2014.05.30 09:58, Alec Evans wrote:
> Hi Alvaro,
> In the meantime good news - here's the text of my reply to Allan:
> Hi Allan,
> Thanks for the quick response.
> I downloaded kmymoney-x86-setup-4.6.4.exe from sourceforge.net.
> However, pleased to report that I have cracked the problem in the last 
> couple of minutes - the AHA! moment was when I found that the program 
> only starts if you "Run as an administrator". Simple when you know 
> how.
> I checked it on my "other" laptop - also running Windows7 64 bit - and 
> the same applies.
> On either machine, if run in "user" mode nothing noticeable happens, 
> other than maybe a bit of a tick from an HDD.
> Although I've been using Windows 7 for around 5 years, I still keep 
> the admin / user demarcation from XP days. I find that having to type 
> in a password rather than just (unthinkingly) clicking on what could 
> be a major system change gives an extra bit of security.
> I didn't see anything about using admin mode in the installation guide 
> - could I suggest mentioning this somewhere?
> Thanks again - I've been looking for something to replace MS Money for 
> a good few years so I'm really pleased to have found this program.
> Alec

(Allan - I'm subscribed to the list.)
Before I add anything about this to the docs, I'd like a confirmation that
this is correct and expected behavior.  I see no reason a userland  
program like KMM should need admin privs under Windows (any version).   
I suspect something incorrect happened during the installation.

Alec - when you ran the downloaded setup program, did you run that as a user
or as admin?  If as admin, is it possible for you to uninstall and then try
installing NOT as an admin?  That's only a guess on my part - I'll see if I
can find a  Windows machine to test on myself.


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