[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney's KF5 dependencies for Jenkins master

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Sat Dec 13 17:44:36 UTC 2014

Hi devs,

now that kdepimlibs has been split up in a multitude of various frameworks
we should be able to limit the dependencies for KMyMoney, right?!

This is what dependency-data-kf5-qt5 defines: 
# KDE PIM Dependencies
kde/kdepimlibs: kdesupport/akonadi
kde/kdepimlibs: kdesupport/prison
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kcontacts
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kxmlrpcclient
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kblog
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kcalcore
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kcalutils
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kholidays
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kimap
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kldap
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kidentitymanagement
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kmbox
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kmime
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kontactinterface
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/kpimtextedit
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/ktnef
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/syndication
kde/kdepimlibs: kde/pim/gpgmepp

# Extragear Office
extragear/office/kmymoney: extragear/office/alkimia
extragear/office/kmymoney: kde/kdepimlibs

and I think that could be stripped down to something less, like
# Extragear Office
extragear/office/kmymoney: kdesupport/akonadi
extragear/office/kmymoney: kdesupport/kcontacts
extragear/office/kmymoney: extragear/office/alkimia
extragear/office/kmymoney: kde/pim/kholidays
extragear/office/kmymoney: kde/pim/kidentitymanagement
extragear/office/kmymoney: kde/pim/gpgmepp

Strangely enough - although KMM builds fine - I see this in the log:
-- Could NOT find KF5Abc: found neither KF5AbcConfig.cmake nor kf5abc-config.cmake
-- Could NOT find KF5 (missing:  Holidays Gpgmepp QGpgme PimIdentities Akonadi Abc)

These frameworks don’t have a matching name to above, which results after all in 
-------- KMyMoney 4.100.0 --------

Configure results (user options):
KDE PIM holidays:                        no

KDE PIM encryption:                      no

KDE PIM addressbook:                     no

Does this mean, that the porting of the required frameworks isn’t complete yet?
Or does it simply mean that KMyMoney still needs to adapt to the new naming?


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