[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 338588] When editing a split the whole line needs to be re-entered rather than just the new amount or memo.

george at wildturkeyranch.net george at wildturkeyranch.net
Sun Aug 31 20:33:57 UTC 2014


--- Comment #6 from george at wildturkeyranch.net ---
(In reply to Thomas Baumgart from comment #5)
> George, as Allan mentioned this behavior cannot be duplicated using the
> latest development version. In case you see it in 4.6.6 then consider it as
> fixed in the next release. If you see this in the current development
> version, please give us exact details on how to reproduce the false
> behavior. I do agree, if things work as you describe it must be fixed (but
> only if it is necessary).

Sorry, I had some problems getting the git version to build (wish I knew C++
better).  Anyway, yes the git version is much better.  

Some of the steps are a bit clumsy, but that is true in alot of places.  In
this case, if we open to edit, why do I have to double click or rt. click to
edit the amount (a single click shoule do)?  Also, if I am entering a scheduled
transaction why can't I just edit from there instead of going back and saying I
want to edit.  And editing the scheduled transaction from the ledger adds
confusion (since I only want to edit the given entry).  If changing all future
transactions was only possible from the "scheduled transactions" area the
question about saving the current edit for later would disappear.

In any case this issue is resolved in the git version, so marking.

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