[Kmymoney-devel] [onlinebanking] proposals for improved usability

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Wed Aug 20 19:25:14 UTC 2014

Hi David!

Thanks for your work on onlinebanking integration into kmymoney. Lots of 
users are waiting for this feature.

As always there's room for improvement:

1. Double-clicking on the newly created IBAN or National Account to enter 
the actual numbers isn't intuitive enough, I think. Too much clicking for 
entering two numbers. The cursor should focus on the input box at once. 
Which type of account editing takes place could be mentioned in a separate 
header line.

2. Furthermore the entered account numbers aren't saved at all when leaving 
the "account numbers" tab. They aren't stored when saving the whole ".kmy" 
file either. No warning is displayed that one is about to loose entered 
Is this intentional in the testing phase?

3. The length limit of the "purpose" input box should be mentioned more 
prominent. The same applies to how many separate lines (4?) are allowed.

4. It's possible to circumvent the length limit by inserting text via CTRL-

5. "Beneficiary name" should filter the available "Payee" list while typing.

6. Selecting "national transfer" when the account doesn't support it leaves 
an odd white rectangle aside the explanation.

7. What do you think of a drop-down list of the most used payees/iban/bic 
combinations? Or the possiblity to join entered account numbers to available 

8. When I edit an enqueued transfer several strange things happen:
- IBAN is formatted with blanks
- Editor complains about missing IBAN of account "", despite selected "order 
- Amount checker complains about negative entry despite positive amount is 
(See attached screenshot)

9. I filed a crash in bugtracker [kmymoney4] [Bug 338413]

I will do more testing, when I can assign account numbers to payees and save 

Again - 
  My thanks for implementing this feature!

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