[Kmymoney-devel] Status of online banking / call for testers

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at kde.org
Tue Aug 19 13:09:53 UTC 2014

Hello Christian,
some people are reporting problems building the aqbanking plugin from
the add-onlinebanking branch. I guess it needs a specific version of

Here is one of the comments in my blog:

"Well, that would all be nice and well, but the branch needs to a)
compile with aqbanking out of the box, which is hindered by cmake
problems (I had to rename the 2 relevant cmake module files so that
the names are ALLCAPS) and b) installing shoudl also work as make
install is misfireing due to a missing file:

CMake Error at kmymoney/plugins/ibanbicdata/germany/cmake_install.cmake:56
file INSTALL cannot find

I used a clean Kubuntu 14.04.1 install in a virtualbox with apt-get
build-dep kmymoney and the most current add-onlinebanking branch from
the git repo. I will post a message to the mailinglist detailing the
errors later in the day."

Be happy, I hadn't had so many comments in a post in ages. People are
really interested on this. Prepare to be bombarded with bugs and
support requests.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 7:44 AM, Alvaro Soliverez <asoliverez at kde.org> wrote:
> Looks like the post was a success. I hope we get more testers.
> One of the questions posted on the blog was, whether there is a list
> of banks that support online transfers.
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 5:03 PM, Alvaro Soliverez <asoliverez at kde.org> wrote:
>> Hello Christian,
>> I cannot help with the test since my banks here don't provide anything
>> near that functionality.
>> However, I blogged about it to help spread the word. Hopefully, that
>> will attract the attention of the right people.
>> http://soliverez.com.ar/home/2014/08/status-of-online-banking-in-kmymoney-call-for-testers/
>> Thanks for all your hard work!
>> Regards,
>> Alvaro
>> On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 9:20 AM, Christian Dávid <christian-david at web.de> wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> for a long time I am working on the online banking branch already. It is close
>>> to be finished even if lot still has to be done. But have a look on what is
>>> achieved already:
>>> • It is possible to create, edit and send sepa credit transfers. I used
>>> KMyMoney for *many* sepa credit transfers already.
>>> • You can save and edit account numbers (<- plural!) for your payees.
>>> • Actually you should be able to create national transfers as well. But my
>>> banks have disabled that feature, so KMyMoney automatically deactivated it as
>>> well (smart, right?). So I cannot test national transfers anymore.
>>> So it is time for a break. I hope I can continue in about a month. There are a
>>> couple of features missing before it can be merged into master (e.g. the
>>> database). So think about a 4.x release before the merge. I won't be ready
>>> before October anyway.
>>> Also I need more testers before it can be released. Jos had some good points
>>> in his blog why I should not test alone [1].
>>> So if YOU are interested in HBCI online banking and are willing to compile
>>> KMyMoney yourself, please clone the add-onlinebanking branch and test it.
>>> Then write all glitches, issues but also ideas and any feedback to this list
>>> (maybe with [onlinebanking] in the subject). You can even write a todo list
>>> [1] for bugs, so it is easier for me to fix that stuff.
>>> There are some design decisions to make, there I could need some help of people
>>> who used the online banking features already.
>>> Please not that using online banking with a database is not possible at the
>>> moment! But there is some stuff on my computer regarding this already :)
>>> Each tester helps me a lot to finish the work! Also it is very motivating to
>>> get feedback — very important during bug hunting.
>>> Greetings
>>> Christian
>>> [1] http://blog.jospoortvliet.com/2014/08/why-developers-should-not-be-testing.html
>>> [2] https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=16
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