[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 313237] No payee matching with aqbanking import (HBCI)

Thomas Baumgart ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 25 08:07:07 UTC 2013


--- Comment #2 from Thomas Baumgart <ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net> ---
To further nail down the problem, we need to know which method your bank uses.
An indication on which bank you connect to is also helpful. How do the lines
starting with ':86:' look like in the aqbanking logs? You can find them at
"~/.aqbanking/backends/aqhbci/data/banks/de/<BLZ>/logs and extract them with
'grep :86: <name-of-log-file>'. Please make sure to replace sensitive
information with 'X' for char and '#' for digits before you present them here.

BTW: KMyMoney has some built-in features to work around the format problem.

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