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"I have no idea why the checker insists on a price for the account opening
date. "
I'm not sure it's right to say it 'insists' on a price.  The output message
starts off "* Potential problem with investments/currencies", so, it's issuing
a warning to the user about an inconsistency.  I think it's reasonable, when
checking an investment account, to expect there to be prices.
In the case of the first four instances, there are no prices in the prices
table, possibly the user deleted them when closing the accounts.
As these accounts have been closed, is it reasonable to perform such a check? 
I think it probably is, as the  security and the transactions are still in the
file, which needs to be consistent.
Then there is the question of the presence of dates prior to the opening date. 
There is no check for a new price being entered prior to the opening date. 
Should this be prohibited, or should the user be given the means to correct the

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