[Kmymoney-devel] Review Request: Display the number of not marked transactions for every account on KMM's homepage

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Thu Jan 10 05:28:18 UTC 2013

Hi Brendan,

> I'm sorry I asked for this feature. Now I see how far behind I am on some of my accounts:-)
:) Thanks for testing the latest patch version.

> Is it possible to have a column for not marked and one for not reconciled with the option for turn each on and off?
I wanted to avoid that, actually…
See below.

> I've got some accounts with 2 numbers (3+10), some with just a number (20 - this happens in brokerage accounts and my mortgage) and some with a plus sign and a number (+14).

So, what you're seeing is perfectly normal. Those accounts indeed have that many "not reconciled" and/or "only cleared" transactions.
Just a number means "there are indeed that many not-reconciled transactions". (You called them actually "not marked" transactions in the first place.)
A number with a starting plus means "there are zero not-reconciled transactions, but that many only cleared ones".
Two numbers with a plus only occur if both types of transactions were found.
I used this "N+C"-notation to keep the output compact and the code as simple as possible.

> I have 3 accounts that have something like 30+1. Since it appears to be "Not Marked" + "Not Reconciled" I don't think the second number can be less than the first number.

Here is what tells us the code about the possible transaction split states:

  enum reconcileFlagE {
    Unknown = -1,
    NotReconciled = 0,
    // insert new values above

And what I am doing here is to search for all transactions having NotReconciled and Cleared state.
I omit Unknown (probably only used for error handling) and Frozen. Don't know when the latter gets used.

So, of course the 2nd number can be less than the first.

And, to tell you the truth, I don't really understand the difference between "cleared" and "reconciled". I think that "cleared" is just an intermediate state which transactions could end up in if the automatic reconciliation procedure hasn't been successful. Since I never use this workflow I am not sure, though.

I am reconciling everything manually in the ledger and the "N+C" data on the homepage tell me straight away what I'd have to look out for in the corresponding accounts.

Certainly the "N+C"-notation would have to be documented in the help somehow, but I am also not strictly against introducing an additional column, although I'd like to avoid it since every new column eats away a lot of screen space!!

I hope this clarifies my motivation.

Please let me know what you think.


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