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--- Comment #8 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Hmm.... You have a point there, but here's the thing: I opened an account,
> and downloaded 2012 transactions instead of 2013 by mistake. In 2013 I have
> 3 transactions, in 2012 I have 3000. Expecting the user to remove 3000
> transactions is absurd if you can do it automatically. I understand its a
> design decision, but as I said - its a counter-intuitive one. There's
> nowhere I can see why the menu is disabled, and because I created all the
> accounts with opening balances - it is disabled on all of them. Taking
> opening balance as a transaction is a logical thing to do for a programmer,
> but counter-intuitive to a user, Having doing it both way (as a programmer,
> and ex-QA in banking system), this is a usability bug to say the least.

I'm not an accounting expert, or any other kind either, but with the
double-entry principal, I don't think money can appear or disappear without a

> But thanks for the explanation, it does help me to overcome the issue for
> me. I'm with you closing this if you don't want to change the behavior, but
> I'd wish it was more clear to the end user (maybe a floating tip text for
> the menu item or something like that?)

It's not a question of me not wanting to change the behavior.  If you had
deleted the account with 3000 entries, and had made a mistake with that account
selection, then ....  I think it's more 'Health and Safety'.  I agree with you,
though, that some indication of the reason for the disabling would be
beneficial, but where would one draw the line?  There must be many thousands of
checks and decisions in any non-trivial program.  I can understand the
frustration, but I think to an extent it comes down to 'Once bitten, twice

Having it as a wishlist item - and in the FAQ, I think is a good idea.  Sadly,
though, with developer time at a premium, don't hold your breath.

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