[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 327497] When importing transactions, KMM seems to think unrelated transactions are associated to certain scheduled transactions.

allan agander93 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 17:06:33 UTC 2013


--- Comment #9 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---
On 22/12/13 14:41, m.d-b at mail.adsl4less.com wrote:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=327497
> --- Comment #8 from m.d-b at mail.adsl4less.com ---
> Hi Allan. Yes, it is with respect to scheduled transactions that I am seeing a
> problem. Rather than matching a bank transaction (from imported CSV) with a
> scheduled transaction within 4 days, completely unrelated transactions that may
> be months apart are being matched just based on value.
> I don't believe an error is logged on the console, it is just that the end
> result is wrong - would you like me to attach a screenshot?
> Mark

Hi Mark

Generally, on the console there is a commentary on what transaction is 
being matched, and what is being considered.  It was that that I thought 
might be helpful.

However, I'm unable to reproduce the problem here.  What really is 
needed is a copy of the import file and .kmy file which show the 
problem.  If the .kmy file has been anonymised, then I don't think it's 
likely that anything will match it, so it would need to be a 
non-anonymised file, and import file to match, but without sensitive 

Then, there's another however.  Because there will be no further bug fix 
releases for the 4.6 branch, and because the current development branch 
has had considerable work done in the matching area, I'm afraid the 
advice has to be either, compile the development version, or await the 
release of version 4.7, for which presently no date has been set.


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