[Kmymoney-devel] "kmm-brokerage-account"

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 14:30:23 UTC 2013

On 18/12/13 13:57, Jack wrote:
> Requiring a specific name for the brokerage account would be a (small?)
> problem for me.

So far as OFX is concerned, there is no suggestion of any change 
enforcing a specific name for the brokerage account.  As things stand 
now, from what Chris reports, no asset account at all is assigned, so 
all transactions are 'broken' (his words), meaning I think that they are 
unbalanced in not having that account.  The patch just allows an already 
assigned 'Brokerage' to be the default.  If a user has not assigned such 
an account, then the present situation is maintained, I think.  By the 
by, it seems that to make use of this default, then the use of the 
'Brokerage' account needs to be selected when the investment account is 
created.  It doesn't work, so far as I have seen, if later an 
appropriately named account is created for the investment account.  I 
have to say that I have no direct connect OFX facility, and have tested 
just with a constructed OFX file.  I suspected at first that during 
mapping, the brokerage account could be specified, but the spec. seems 
to say otherwise.

With CSV import, the user has more control.  He gets asked for the asset 
  account name. If a valid account name is entered, then that is used. 
If no valid name is entered, then what happens depends on whether or not 
the chosen investment file has a correct "Brokerage" account.  If there 
is one, then it is used.  If not, the transaction will be imported minus 
an asset account, and one will need to be added. (This is not quite as 
things stand now, but I am testing a small patch to make this work better.)


   I do see that KMM offers that default/specific name
> when creating the brokerage account, but it does let you (or did when I
> last created an account) rename or choose an already existing account.
> I do have to manually specify the brokerage account when manually
> creating transactions in the investment account.  I don't know what
> would happen on importing, as I have so many other issues with importing
> OFX for investment accounts, that I've been trying to put together a
> comprehensive report of my specific problems, but keep getting sidetracked.
> I would really like not to see any restrictions on the name or
> relation/hierarchy of the brokerage account for any investment account,
> although I suppose I could live with it.
> Jack
> On 2013.12.18 01:34, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
>> AFAIR, an older version of KMyMoney allowed to use any name for the
>> brokerage
>> account and the mapping to the investment account was done via this
>> KVP entry.
>> Nowadays, the brokerage account has to have a specific name derived
>> from the
>> investment account and this will do the mapping behind the scenes.
>> Not knowing out of which context you took that line I cannot comment if
>> removing is a good idea. Think about old data files which still
>> contain this
>> KVP an rely on it. Not sure if that makes sense, but it just crossed
>> my mind.
>> Regards
>> Thomas
>> On Monday 09 December 2013 22:35:38 Allan wrote:
>> > Hi
>> >
>> > This key is used -
>> >    brokerageactid = m_account.value("kmm-brokerage-account").toUtf8()
>> > in two places, but, as far as I can see, it never gets set, so the
>> > following tests will always fail, or so it seems.  Am I missing something?
>> >
>> > Should it be set, or should the instruction be removed?
>> >
>> > Allan
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