[Kmymoney-devel] "kmm-brokerage-account"

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 12:49:17 UTC 2013

I should have said -
"However, for a user coming from Quicken, his file may contain no brokerage
accounts, and he may not deal with a broker as such, but does imports 
direct from say a provider of unit trusts or stocks, with no money 
balance in this account."

On 18/12/13 11:58, Allan wrote:
> Hi Thomas
> On 18/12/13 06:34, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
>> AFAIR, an older version of KMyMoney allowed to use any name for the
>> brokerage
>> account and the mapping to the investment account was done via this
>> KVP entry.
>> Nowadays, the brokerage account has to have a specific name derived
>> from the
>> investment account and this will do the mapping behind the scenes.
> OK, that's useful to know.
> However, for a user coming from Quicken, his file contains no brokerage
> accounts, and he does not deal with a broker as such, but does imports
> from say a provider of unit trusts or stocks, with no money balance in
> this account.
> So, when first setting up KMyMoney, his/(my) QIF imports for investments
> contained ["L"] records, and all the history reflects that.  Now, if
> importing via CSV, the user gets asked to input the relevant account to
> receive/provide cash.  If the user does not enter a valid account name,
> then if he has set up a 'xxx (Brokerage)' account, that will be used. If
> he does not have a 'xxx (Brokerage)', the transaction will be imported
> unbalanced and can be edited later.
> It seems that with OFX, the 'Brokerage' account will always be used.
>> Not knowing out of which context you took that line I cannot comment if
>> removing is a good idea. Think about old data files which still
>> contain this
>> KVP an rely on it. Not sure if that makes sense, but it just crossed
>> my mind.
> As far as I was able to find, that KVP never gets set, so any old file
> probably couldn't make use of the KVP.  In bool
> MyMoneyStatement::read(const QDomElement& _e), QDomDocument* _doc), I
> did find a similar string - "brokerageaccount", I think it was, in the
> code for direct connects, but not in the OFX local file import area, but
> it gets used only in MyMoneyStatement::write(QDomElement& _root,
> QDomDocument* _doc).
> The code I mentioned is in
> MyMoneyStatementReader::processTransactionEntry(), starting circa line
> 559 -
> "if (thisaccount.accountType() == MyMoneyAccount::Investment) {
>      // determine the brokerage account
>      brokerageactid = m_account.value("kmm-brokerage-account").toUtf8();
>      if (brokerageactid.isEmpty()) {
>        brokerageactid =
> file->accountByName(statementTransactionUnderImport.m_strBrokerageAccount).id();
>      }
>      if (brokerageactid.isEmpty()) {
>        brokerageactid =
> file->nameToAccount(statementTransactionUnderImport.m_strBrokerageAccount);
>      }
>      if (brokerageactid.isEmpty()) {
>         brokerageactid = file->nameToAccount(thisaccount.brokerageName());
>       }
> The last two instructions come from Chris's recent patch (25 Nov), as
> his OFX imports were incomplete -"The reader trying to create splits
> cannot find the brokerage account for a split using
> statementTransactionUnderImport so all the imported transactions are
> broken."
> Allan
>> On Monday 09 December 2013 22:35:38 Allan wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> This key is used -
>>>     brokerageactid = m_account.value("kmm-brokerage-account").toUtf8()
>>> in two places, but, as far as I can see, it never gets set, so the
>>> following tests will always fail, or so it seems.  Am I missing
>>> something?
>>> Should it be set, or should the instruction be removed?
>>> Allan

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