[Kmymoney-devel] Converting shares

Ian Neal iann_bugzilla at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Dec 9 23:19:10 UTC 2013

On 09/12/13 18:09, Jack wrote:
> On 2013.12.09 12:42, Allan wrote:
>> On 09/12/13 14:40, Jack wrote:
>>> On 2013.12.04 19:39, Ian Neal wrote:
>>>> On 05/12/13 00:06, Allan wrote:
>>>>> On 04/12/13 23:32, Ian Neal wrote:
>>>>>> Is there currently a way of converting one stock type into 
>>>>>> another within KMyMoney?
>>>>>> The situation is that I have an existing stock holding, lets call 
>>>>>> it Acme Class 1, and the company has decided to convert these all 
>>>>>> into Acme Class 2 with a conversion ratio of 1:0.6
>>>>>> I cannot see any obvious way of doing apart from adding a sell of 
>>>>>> Acme Class 1 and a buy of Acme Class 2.
>>>>> I've never had to do this myself, but I think this is where you 
>>>>> would use a split, where you enter the denominator in the quantity 
>>>>> field, which would take care of the quantity adjustment.  However, 
>>>>> then you have to take care of the change of name.
>>>>> I would probably use remove and add rather than sell and buy. 
>>>>> Whether you do the split before or after, is probably your 
>>>>> choice.  There could possibly even be a case for a third, interim, 
>>>>> stock, to receive the removed amount, do the split on those, then 
>>>>> remove those and add to your real second stock.  Whether that is 
>>>>> necessary, or better, or silly, is again your choice.
>>>> I think I should probably create a new feature request for this 
>>>> functionality.
>>> I just opened bug 328575 
>>> (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=328575) as I just had the same 
>>> issue.  For bookkeeping purposes, my broker opened a new account for 
>>> me, and transferred several stocks to that account from my existing 
>>> account, although no split was involved.
>>>> Might even have a go at programming it, if I ever get the time.
>>> What I did in this case was to do a "remove shares" to bring the 
>>> total to 0.  I then duplicated the remove transaction, moved that 
>>> transaction to the new account, and then changed it to "add shares" 
>>> so it had exactly the same number of shares.
>> That makes four steps, and in Ian's case there is the further step of 
>> doing the shares split.
>> I suspect that Ian is thinking of a single operation.  Your idea of 
>> allowing stock transfers could perhaps be a part of that as long as a 
>> share split is optionally included.
> Just allowing the transfer saves three steps, and leaves a trail that 
> makes more sense, instead of having to explain it in memos. Stock 
> split is an existing function.  While I suppose it would be nice to 
> have a single transaction to include both, I suppose it depends how 
> difficult it would be to implement.
> However, reading Ian's original description, I don't see that he needs 
> to transfer the stock to a different account.  It looks like he is 
> trading X shares of StockA for Y shares of StockB.  I can think of it 
> as selling StockA and buying StockB with the sell/purchase prices 
> canceling instead of going through a brokerage account.  I suppose you 
> could do the split before or after the conversion - but it seems that 
> there is separately the need for a transaction to convert shares from 
> one investment to another investment (whether within the same account 
> or not) possibly with a multiplier/divider on the number of shares.
> Ian - how badly have I mucked up what you actually need?
> Jack
It is staying within the same account, what is happening is the stocks 
are being converted to a 'clean share class'. The current shares are in 
a class of shares that are still paying a rebate, and my investments are 
being converted into 'clean shares' that do not pay rebates but offer a 
lower annual management charge. So 100 shares of StockA are being 
converted into 61 shares of StockB.



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