[Kmymoney-devel] Onlinebanking in KMyMoney (new branch add-onlinebanking)

Christian Dávid christian-david at web.de
Sat Dec 7 21:57:05 UTC 2013


I just made a huge push to a new branch (add-onlinebanking) in the git repo. 
The (first) goal is to enable full online banking capability for KMyMoney. At 
the moment this is only interesting for users with German bank accounts.

Still, there is a lot to do. But my code is getting long so I think it should 
be made public.

The main ideas of my development are the onlineJob class and the onlineTask(s). 
Therefor I started to create a new plug-in interface as well (which can execute 
the jobs) and new user interfaces. I try to create better documentation 
in the next weeks.

At the moment I do not like some of the names I chose. So expect changes 
here. Better ideas are also welcome :).

I really hope you like my code and I would be glad about comments and ideas.


BTW: there is a resisting bug in the remove function of the outbox (see 
comment in konlinejoboutbox.cpp) leading to crashes. I really do not get 
what's happening there. If someone has an idea…

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