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Cristian Oneț onet.cristian at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 11:15:48 UTC 2013

În ziua de Lun 12 Aug 2013, la 22:42:29, Yury G.  Kudryashov a scris:
> Hi!
> I have started to dive into KMyMoney source code. First of all, I've tried
> to build and read the developer documentation. I found that it is quite
> outdated (say, it talks about CVS and Qt-3.x).

We barely got the code ported to Qt4 I guess we ran out of power to update the 
developer docs :).

> What is the plan: drop the docs completely, drop outdated parts, rewrite the
> outdated parts? I can drop or rewrite some parts but I don't know which of
> the more advanced topics are outdated.

I would prefer updating the documentation instead of dropping it completely.

> Could you please tell me some basics about the code layout and name
> conventions?

 -> libkdchart - charts library developed and maintained by KDAB - we keep a 
copy of it to make building easier so we should not change it like our own 
 -> libkgpgfile - GPG encryption support developed by Thomas
 -> kmymoney - a kind of 'src' of other projects - the application and it's 
	-->> mymoney - base classes - business logic only developed by Thomas
        -->> widgets - UI - widgets
        -->> dialogs - UI - dialogs
        -->> views - UI - the different 'documents' of the application
        -->> converter - import/export stuff
        -->> plugins - framework and various implementations 
        -->> wizards - UI - wizards used by the application
        -->> reports

You can see by looking at the code that there is no single convention that is 
applied everywhere since the code has a long history. But a a guideline I 
would look ad the mymoney* classes for business logic and the widgets for UI 
naming conventions.


Cristian Oneț
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