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JON AND PAIGE ALSAGER noclues101 at msn.com
Tue Aug 6 00:33:02 UTC 2013


I have a question I hope you can answer.  We’ve been using kmymoney for a few years now.  But recently, I was running out of space on my computer so I decided to delete some of the previous Ubuntu versions in order to free up some space.  Unfortunately, I apparently delete something that I needed because my Ubuntu started having problems.  One of those problems is that kmymoney started acting funny.

So, I installed Ubuntu on another computer.  I copied my kmymoney file to the new computer.  We made a few entries and attempted a save, just to make sure that it was going to work.  It did work, but Ubuntu apparently saved the file to the cloud.  However, we can’t seem to find the saved file.

We’re running Ubuntu 12.04.2.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!


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