[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 296764] Kmymoney crashs and behaves strange editing split transactions

Peter Biechele peter.biechele at web.de
Mon May 7 07:16:27 UTC 2012


--- Comment #8 from Peter Biechele <peter.biechele at web.de> ---
Asin comment 5 stated, I have produced a NEW file, which is reproducing the
The backtrace of cource, has been made on the orignal project file not the anon

I will send the backtrace using the anon file later on.

kmymoney 4.6.2 is coming from the ubuntu repos (like the 4.6.1 one, I
discovered the bug first).

What I do to get this error:
- Start kmymoney
- load the kmy file 
- open the account "Giro"
- click on the transaction with the split transaction there (there are only the
opening balance and the split transaction anyway)
- Then edit the traaction
- click on the "split"icon to edit the splitted transactions
- click on one of the values of the split transaaction (2 values are there)
- press for example the "5" key and then a dialog appears.
- "Cancel" the dialog and the system crashes

If you can give/recommend me a tool to record my actions, I can record it and
place it here, yo you can see exactly the moves I make.

Hope this helps.

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