[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 304076] Investments' interests input form is broken

allan agander93 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 11:33:46 UTC 2012


--- Comment #6 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---

> Hello Allan,
> thank you for the fast reply.
> Here are some test screenshots so you can see the program strange 
> behavior , they are numbered following the exact sequence.
> 1) here the only numeric data I can enter is the amount ( I didn't try 
> the splitting function because I assume that the label 
> "interesse/interest" shows that here expenses are not allowed, the 
> contrary would really be misleading...)

Generally, I work with the development (Git) version, but as you indicate
you're on 4.6.2, I installed that, but that too doesn't tally with your
screen-shot.  If I choose to edit an existing Dividend item, or open a new one,
I get a labelled Fees field.  However, I did make some changes in this area a
while ago. 
> 2) "enter" button
> 3) in n° 2 is what I see: a new "commissioni" (fees) field has appeared...
> 4) in n°3 I enter the editing mode : label Commissioni (fees) has 
> disappeared and other fields have shown up but what exactly do they 
> refer to? For instance the field just beneath the date and the other 
> with the "1,0000" what are they for?
This does not happen in the Git version.

> 5) in n°4 I enter the taxes by means of the splitting function, 
> everything seems ok but when I commit the transaction the amount of 
> taxes disappear and the total reverts back to €100.00 (same view as in n°3 )

What I did was to edit an existing dividend item.  I open the splits, and enter
the dividend amount as, say, 20.00 and enter.  Then, I enter a _Fees item with
amount, say, - 2.00. On accepting the edited transaction, the fees field shows
the 2.00, the interest shows as 2.00, and the amount as 18.00.  Which is what I
was expecting.

> I hope I have made myself clear enough...

Yes, thanks.  Are you able to compile the Git version from source?  If so, that
should help you.  If not, a new stable version, 4.6.3, should be released in
about a month or so, but that might take a while to get through the distros.


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