[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 303976] New: Process scheduled transactions on the last day of the month

Thomas Baumgart ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jul 23 19:11:28 UTC 2012


            Bug ID: 303976
          Severity: normal
           Version: git master
          Priority: NOR
          Assignee: kmymoney-devel at kde.org
           Summary: Process scheduled transactions on the last day of the
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Linux
          Reporter: ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net
          Hardware: Other
            Status: NEW
         Component: general
           Product: kmymoney4

Subject:  Feature request: Last day of the month
Date:   Sat, 07 Jul 2012 11:21:47 -0500
From:   Drew Keller <drew at drewkeller.com>
To:   kmymoney2-developer at lists.sourceforge.net

I've found a few requests for this, but several years old. I'm not sure
how to do a search of the email archive. So...

My bank processes some credits and fees on the last day of the month. I 
have the schedule set for 1 time per month, but I have to adjust it to
either the 30th or the 31st every time I enter data, which is kind of

For a while, I tried to approximate it by setting to the first day of
the month. However, the problem with that is my bank statements are
monthly from the first day to the last day of the month. So when I 
reconcile accounts using my bank statements, I have to go in and adjust
the date, which is even more of a pain.

Any chance this can be fixed?


Reproducible: Always

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