[Kmymoney-devel] Calculation next check number

Hilarius Warwinkel hilarius.warwinkel at live.com
Thu Jan 26 18:40:11 UTC 2012

Is there a chance to see this in the 4.6.2 release next week ?

On 18-01-12 06:53, Cristian Onet, wrote:
> On Saturday 14 January 2012 18:22:07 Hilarius Warwinkel wrote:
>> I'd like to post a patch for the calculation of the next check number in the
>> Transaction Editor form. When
>>   you enter eg. "2012.001" as a check number, the next check number will
>> be ""2012.2" in the current version (4.6.90-8be3581932).
>> The patch makes the next check number "2012.002".
> Would some users using check numbers comment on this feature request, does it
> seem alright? It seems alright to me although I don't use check numbers so
> that's why I'm asking.
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