[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 283858] KMyMoney v4.6.0 (Windows) Help error "requested help file could not be parsed".

Steffie steffie5904 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jan 1 02:24:45 UTC 2012


--- Comment #15 from Steffie <steffie5904 yahoo com au>  2012-01-01 02:24:45 ---
Hi Ralf. You said "Now the people working on the 4.7.4 release need to be
informed that an updated binary kdelibs package is required" ... does this next
step happen "automatically" somehow, or does one of us need to write
specifically to someone about this?  From my perspective [as a non-programmer],
should i just continue to monitor this site each few months in the hope that
the fault will eventually be fixed? Thanks. Steffie.

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