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--- Comment #3 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---
As far as I can see, m_onlineFactor is enabled at
KOnlineUpdateWizardPage::slotCheckPage(const QString& txt), which can be called
from KNewInvestmentWizard::KNewInvestmentWizard(QWidget *parent)
m_onlineUpdatePage->slotCheckPage(QString()) or from
KNewInvestmentWizard::init2(void).  the latter only getting called when editing
an existing security, or when an existing symbol has been entered.  So, it
seems the first call is the relevant one.

However, this call to slotCheckPage() is made with txt = QString(), so the
widget will not get enabled.  QString() could be replaced with a non-empty
string, but there seems little point in that.  Instead, why have the check for
a string in m_onlineFactor->setEnabled(!txt.isEmpty())?  Why not change it to
setEnabled(void))?  Why have the enabling conditional in a constructor?

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