[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 309630] Crash every time saving any transaction category change after attempting to edit multiple transactions

matt wilkie maphew at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 05:38:14 UTC 2012


--- Comment #18 from matt wilkie <maphew at gmail.com> ---
I've replicated the crash  on my laptop,  which didn't have any KDE apps:

1. I downloaded and ran
using the default menu selections throughout excepting:
- change package cache directory
- use Canadian mirror (uwaterloo)
- filter for and selecting kmymoney from the package list

2. Started kmymoney (via Start > search: kmy [enter]) , pressed cancel at the
startup wizard dialog.

3. Resumed recipe in comment#12.

I've since checked the compiler selection on both computers and verified they
both used the default compiler MSVC 2010 32bit (by way of running
'kdewin-installer-gui-latest.exe' and de-selecting "skip basic settings").

Both systems are running Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1. The laptop is considerably
newer  at less than a year old, while the desktop is 5 or so. Automatic Windows
Update is turned on.

I'll attach the process list as seen by SysInternals' Process Explorer for
pre,mid & post crash.

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