[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 305630] QIF Import Does Not Create All Security Accounts When Associated SECURITY fields are created

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> The QIF file was generated from Quicken 2002. But, interestingly, it will
> fail the import if I use the Quicken 2002 import method. Specifically, it
> does nothing except display a message that states "The statements have been
> processed with the following results" of which there are none. 
> So, I used the default import method which seems to work. In fact it worked
> with several other accounts.The one that failed is an Investment account.
> The QIF contained Price changes as well as Transactions.
> Before importing, I manually created an Investment account and asked
> KMyMoney to create an associated Brokerage account.
> Many transactions were not imported. As well, all the SECURITY entries were
> created in the XML file, but the associated ACCOUNT entries were not
> created. As a result, in KMyMoney I am unable to delete the Securities. As
> well, these Securities do not show up as selectable items when trying to add
> a new Investment transaction. I was forced to edit the XML file to get rid
> of the entries (and/or manually add the associated ACCOUNT entries). 
> Reproducible: Always
> Steps to Reproduce:
> 1.  Create Investment account with associated Brokerage account
> 2.  Import QIF (which includes transactions + price changes)
> 3.  Go to securities list and attempt deletion or try and add a new
> Investment transaction and then attempt to select one of the imported
> Securities.
> Actual Results:  
> Delete button is greyed-out. And the Securities do not show up in the
> selection list.
> Expected Results:  
> Should have been able to delete the Security if I wished.
> All the Securities should have shown up so I could select one of them when
> adding a new transaction.

Importing QIF files can be a bit of a lottery because the specification is so
loose, and it is not uncommon to have to edit the files to get them to import

I've imported numerous qif files in the past, but don't recognise your mention
of 'the Quicken 2002 import method.'  Can you explain, please.

> Before importing, I manually created an Investment account and asked
> KMyMoney to create an associated Brokerage account.

Did you also create a security account with ticker symbol?

Are you able to provide a copy of your file, ideally the whole file, or at
least extract from your file all the investment type transactions, with private
details replaced, confirm that importing it, too, still fails then provide a
copy.  Multiple similar (price) entries can be dropped, as long as the format
is retained.

Send it to me off-list, if you prefer not to attach to the bug report.

(When submitting this reply, your second post clashed, but I'll send it
(And again, with your added comment!)

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