[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 305630] QIF Import Does Not Create All Security Accounts When Associated SECURITY fields are created

MikeB mbluett88 at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 22 21:19:12 UTC 2012


--- Comment #1 from MikeB <mbluett88 at shaw.ca> ---
The reason the QIF File import failed to import all the transactions and to
create all the associated ACCOUNT entries for each SECURITY was that two of the
Security entries  (in the QIF) did not have symbols.

So, the problems that need to get fixed in the code are:

1.   Make certain that an ACCOUNT entry is created in the XML file if an
associated SECURITY is imported, regardless of any other conditions.

2.  In the case of a Security which has no Symbol, either refuse to import any
associated transactions, but still continue on to import all other transactions
and  inform the user that this has happened OR import the Securities even
though they don't have associated symbols. The user could then add symbols
after the fact.

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