[Kmymoney-devel] Cannot resize window for netbook - vertically

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 13:35:37 UTC 2012

On 03/08/12 14:21, Alice wrote:
> I've read a few threads about this, my resolution is 1024x600 and I just
> downloaded the newest version of kmymoney that was available on synaptic.
> Now, I have been able to use several methods to assure that left-to-right the
> sizing works out. Top to bottom is a different matter. If I'm in ledger mode, I
> cannot see all the options for adding a new entry, which makes this really
> pretty useless. I've done everything mentioned in 2 different previous bugs
> which helped with the side to side issue, but now I have a top-bottom issue. I
> have resized my fonts within kmymoney to 7 and my system fonts down
> significantly, but there are several pieces of the program that don't seem to
> change size, such as the ledger entry location (the display of entered items
> changes, but not the form to enter new items).
> I am using MoonOS on an AspireOne netbook. I used kmymoney extensively on my
> desktop before a HD failure, and wanted to switch to a netbook for accounting
> but if this can't be resolved I'm going to have to go to a different program of
> some sort - and I love kmymoney.

Hi Alice

Firstly, it would be as well to raise this as a bug, please.

Next, just a couple of initial thoughts.

You are talking about a problem in the ledger, but when you first open 
KMM, is the height still wrong?  Can you manually resize it there?

Secondly, if you will create a new user, then open KMM, does that make a 


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