[Kmymoney-devel] Autofill function with imported transactions via HBCI (ING-DiBa)

markusd112 at web.de markusd112 at web.de
Sun Apr 15 07:03:50 UTC 2012

I am using KMM for several years with my Sparda Bank and the importing 
of transactions via HBCI worked fine.

Now I have moved to ING-DiBa and there I have the following problem:

when importing transactions via HBCI, many transactions are autofilled 
with informations (payee and categorie) from previous transactions. But 
the problem is, that many autofills are incorrect and I have no chance 
to see, what is the right information from the bank, because the 
original text from the bank transaction imported has been overwritten by 
the autofill function.

How can I disable this autofill function for the HBCI import?

I want to use it only, when I manually enter a transaction. In the 
settings menu I can find an option for autofill, but as I understand, it 
affects both: the manual entry and the HBCI import.

Thanks and best regards,


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