[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 297343] New: cannot use account in different currency

Eric Bayard ebayard63-projet at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 2 22:03:59 UTC 2012


            Bug ID: 297343
          Severity: grave
           Version: 4.6.2
          Priority: NOR
          Assignee: kmymoney-devel at kde.org
           Summary: cannot use account in different currency
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: MS Windows
          Reporter: ebayard63-projet at yahoo.fr
          Hardware: MS Windows
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
         Component: general
           Product: kmymoney4

I have 2 account one in different currency,
when I enter a transfer between the 2 accounts say from euro to pound I can
type the amount in euro and then give the corresponding amount in pound. when I
type the amount in pound the computer computes the exchange rate.
However it also discards what I entred in pound. What I entred in pound is
replaced by the value in euro*computed rate. 

But the exchange rate is not precise enough it is truncated to 5 digit exemple
: 1pound=1.4979euro
if you transfer anything above a 1000 pound or euro you precision is 10 cens
and it is not enough
it get worse if you have yens  as 1000 yen are about 1 pound or 100 yuan 1
there are plenty of example like that where Kmymoney gets completly unusable.

2 solutions : increase the resolution of the exchange rate or discard it when
the values of the transfer are both entred by the user.


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