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Thomas Baumgart ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 21 16:39:46 UTC 2011


--- Comment #1 from Thomas Baumgart <ipwizard users sourceforge net>  2011-10-21 16:39:45 ---
One of the variables could be the balance of an account. We received the
following via e-mail:

I'd like to propose a small functional improvement: in scheduled 
transactions, allow the user to use data from accounts to fill the 
amount field.

*_Use case_*:

In my country, bank-issued credit cards are a kind of combination 
between credit card and a debit card in US terms. Every expenditure by 
the user is going towards the "debt" of the card. At some set point in 
the month all off the debt is covered (returns to zero) by transferring 
the debt amount from checking account to the credit card account. The 
user cannot change the amount being transferred - all debt of the card 
has to be zeroed. So, once a transaction has been made the money will be 
transferred from checking at a given date.

KMyMoney is the only application (from those I tested) that asks to 
create a scheduled transaction at the creation of a credit card account 
(- big thumbs-up for that!).

_Desired functionality_:
In scheduled transaction creation the user should be able to "say" that 
he\she want the amount to be "all of the debt in a specific account" 
(for credit card creation wizard, the only account available will be the 
account that is being created).

_Suggested UI_:
Expand the 'Amount' field to be two fields with radio button for each 
field. Selection of a radio button makes the associated field enabled.
Field 1: the regular numeric text box that is present today.
Field 2: editable combo box to select an account (for credit card 
creation wizard, it will be a text block that says "All of the amount in 
this account").

Right now, the scheduled transaction is just a necessary burden that the 
user has to complete once a month for each card:
1. See what is the debt of the card.
2. Fill that amount in the ledger.
Totally automatic with no decision to make. When you do this for 10 
cards it could get quite annoying.

This suggestion will allow to have the transaction fully automated and 
remove the burden from the user, making KMyMoney even more awesome.

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