[Kmymoney-devel] Re: request for interest in CSV2QIF filter, (written in Perl)

Teus Hagen teus at theunis.org
Mon Mar 28 17:08:45 CEST 2011

On topic "Naming problem for CSV to QIF filters": yes there are many of them around even commercial supported ones (even with the name CSV2QIF).
Will think of another name to avoid confusion.

On the topic: "Simple CSV filters are probably OK?":
The problem with all the filters I saw so far as well the reason to rewrite my origibal simple filer totally was the problem of payee names, lack of use of info in the notes of the fin. records, lack of category binding, lack of support of vCards to have a handier GUI to payee info, lack of info support for payee account numbers and customer number info.
So: yes there are some others but their functionality is not covering my needs.

Topic: it will work for more KMM versions?
As script it will work with probably any KMM or even any fin. package which can import QIF data.

Topic: how easy to adapt for changes?
Import format data seems to go towards OFX. Hence I made sure that OFX records van be made as output as well. The internal architecture is ready for that.
The internal architecture is such that non conflicting CSV formats can be handled in one processing.
More CSV formats can easily be incorporated as Perl module.

One thing I discovered I really needed was the Perl pattern recognition part to enable a more intelligent look in the fields of the record. Drawback: One's milage may vary.

AqBanking: had a look at it and gave it a try. It did not suite my needs :-(


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