[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 280416] kmymoney uses wrong client ID when communicating with bank for account mapping

Troy Carpenter troy at carpenter.cx
Tue Aug 23 13:51:37 UTC 2011


--- Comment #4 from Troy Carpenter <troy carpenter cx>  2011-08-23 13:51:37 ---
Are you saying your bank throws a second error because of invalid
username/password, or there is a second error that is not being reported to me
when I try it?  Are you sure you are using the correct username and password
when you do this test, or are you just making one up to see what happens?  This
happens when I try to map an account using two separate financial institutions.

The end result so far is that I cannot map any new accounts with kmymoney
4.6.0.  If I'm the only one experiencing it, then I would chalk it up to
something wrong on my side and say this is invalid.  However, I'm not convinced
since you seem to be able to reproduce it to some extent.

If there is any way to turn on better debugging or provide you with server
communication transcripts, let me know.  I can also try setting up kmymoney in
a VM with an older version to see if this didn't work in an older version (I
haven't had to map to an online account for some time).

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