[Kmymoney-devel] Fwd: Setting up online accounts

Troy Carpenter troy at carpenter.cx
Wed Aug 17 02:37:25 UTC 2011

I'm sorry if this has already been asked before...I didn't move over to the 
new list until I tried to post this to the old one:

I recently had issues with my bank no longer accepting an older Quicken 
identifier from kMyMoney.  Before I realized that, I had unmapped the account 
in order to try to fix the problem, but of course, that didn't do anything.

The recent 4.6.0 update added newer Quicken versions, and I found that if I 
went into my other accounts and changed the Quicken version, everything 
worked.  However, I still wasn't able to re-add online access to my original 
checking account.  I was getting a generic error, something line 20000.

In the end, I restored my kMyMoney file from a backup, and re-edited all the 
accounts and viola, online access was restored.

However, I tried to add a recent American Express card, and I got a similar 
error, only this time it was a bit more helpful.  It said that the client 
version was not supported.  This in spite of the fact that I specifcally 
picked Quicken 2011 as the client ID.

Can anyone else confirm that the inital online setup, where it fetches the 
account information, sends the wrong client ID?

The exact error from American Express is:

ERROR #2000 General error: "Error other than those specified by the remaining 
error codes. (Note: Servers should provide a more specific error whenever 
possible. Error code 2000 should be reserved for cases in which a more specific 
code is not available.)"
Server message: [ofx.unsupportedClientApplication]Client application or 
version is not supported by this server.[ref: 20110817021706.765]


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