[Kmymoney-devel] build question - how to have two two versions at the same time

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 13 01:58:57 CEST 2010

On 2010.08.02 02:36, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
[snip lots]
> From http://techbase.kde.org/Development/FAQs/Technical_FAQ :
> ----8<----
> If want to install your application privately, configure it with  
> another prefix: for $HOME/kdeprefix, use configure  
> --prefix=$HOME/kdeprefix. Then let KDE know about this prefix: set  
> KDEDIRS to $HOME/kdeprefix:$KDEDIR. To make KDE aware of new  
> prefixes, one can also edit /etc/kderc and add
> [Directories]
> prefixes=/the/new/prefix
> but this doesn't answer this specific question ;-) Make sure to run  
> "kbuildsycoca" after setting the new KDEDIRS.
> ----8<----
> Then configure your SVN build environment to install in  
> $HOME/kdeprefix. Make sure to set the USE_QT_DESIGNER to OFF. Then  
> you can even use 'make install' w/o the need for sudo or being root.
> The above mentioned kbuildsycoca should be the KDE4 version which  
> here on my box (openSUSE) is called kbuildsycoca4.
> I have tried the basic mechanic of this and it works. In case you  
> want to run the tar-ball version installed in the regular path simply  
> set the KDEDIR variable to the old value and run kbuildsycoca again.  
> I have not checked which plugins and overlays are used if KDEDIR  
> points to the new directory.
> If you have something working, it would be cool if you can share the  
> instructions on the community page at  
> http://community.kde.org/KMyMoney. We are also happy to drop anything  
> for you.

I've been playing, and this just doesn't seem to work.  From a post on  
the kde forum, "In general, KDEDIRS should not be changed whilst KDE is  
running. This is why the documentation is not being found, as the help  
system is being spawned with the old KDEDIRS value, and doesn't know  
about your locally compiled KMM."

I've posted a follow up question - but this implies that the above  
instructions will work for installing some KDE app outside the usual  
kde prefix area, but NOT having two versions of an app, since KDE will  
pick up one version of the resources or the other (depending on  
directory order in KDEDIRS) but will not do so based on which which  
version of the app is run.

I'm going to pursue this, but I need to figure out which is the right  

I'll update again if I find anything new.


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