[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 250926] Split editor unusable

William Haller bill at awmach.org
Sun Sep 12 23:29:20 CEST 2010


--- Comment #4 from William Haller <bill awmach org>  2010-09-12 23:29:19 ---
I switched back to 4.5 for the test. I can enter a change to a Payee without a

When entering a new transaction and picking one from the history, I discovered
that I can enter a change to lines other than the first line in the split
editor. Previously, I was just trying to change the first line. On the first
line, you can see it bring up the line for editing with the OK and Cancel and
then immediately assume that it was entered and redraw the dialog entries as
they were. Going back and selecting the one that I just entered for editing, it
again exhibits the original problem. All lines bounce back from editing mode
with a visible OK/Cancel to the original immediately without waiting for input.
This is true whether you click on them directly or whether you select edit from
the right mouse button.

The top line in the payee list can be edited, along with other lines.

The ledger itself works properly. All fields accept entries without having a
focus loss and without having it drop back on a single keystroke.

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