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I'm not sure my problem is related to this bug or not, but here's what happens
to me while trying to use a mysql database.

I started out with a working kmymoney file and exported it to my mysql server. 
Everything went fine there.  After closing kmymoney and restarting, I get an
error window stating "Cannot open database
sql://<myusername>@<myserver>/?driver=QMYSQL&secure=yes" (items enclsoed in
'<>' are, of course, my info) and the details are:

Error in function int MyMoneyStorageSql::upgradeDb() : Error retrieving file
Driver = QMYSQL, Host = <myserver>, User = <myusername>, Database = 
Driver Error: 
Database Error No -1: 
Error type 0
Executed: SELECT version FROM kmmFileInfo;
Query error No 1046: No database selected QMYSQL: Unable to execute query
Error type 2

I've compiled from source, so don't get a backtrace when it crashes, but the
console output is the same as the details above.

Now, if I start kmymoney with the -n switch, I can open the mysql database from
'File-Open database'.  If, however, I try to use 'File-Open Recent' selecting
the sql I get the same error window and details and kmymoney crashes.

I've edited mymoneystoragesql.cpp and hardcoded the database name at line 145
and it no longer crashes.  It seems wherever dbName is getting it's value from
is an empty string or returning an error.

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