[Kmymoney-devel] Custom reports

Alexey Goncharov a.k.goncharov at ctrl-v.biz
Wed Sep 8 15:41:51 CEST 2010

> At first, it won't have an impact on users, but the goal is to make it more 
> flexible for future.

Do you plan to use any script language for report generation or how 
flexibility can be achieved?

> Now, if you tell me about the use case you are foreseeing, I might
> give you more help on it.

Right now the most interesting and actual report for is "Income and Expenses 
this month". As I mentioned before in the IRC-channel I can't adjust the depth 
of category tree to be displayed: there only two ways: "top-level" and 
"everything".  "Top-level" is really silent and doesn't provide me with the 
full information. As long as my category tree is huge and rich, a report with 
every category displayed looks ugly and non-informative too. Here is the first 
and well-known case.

The second case... I'd like to use the data from previous months to compare it 
with this month - to see trends. All the data in my dreams should be displayed 
on one report (charts, diagramms, etc are really appreciated too). 
Unfortunately I have no ideas how does the end-user can select and adjust his 
own custom report-view in other ways than script language.

> Of course, an extra hand is always welcome.

I really want to be useful but don't know where to go :-)

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