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Mon Sep 6 01:30:17 CEST 2010

be able to assign different Payee, Memo and No values at the two (or more)
splits of a transfer transactions to avoid some inconsistencies in KMyMoney!
For example, if you credit your supplier when you receive goods and, then, in a
next day, you pay him, you need to assign in "Payee" field: a) his name in your
asset account (cash or checking) from where you pay him, and b) your name (or
even your partner's name -if you are a company) as a "payer" to his (liability)
account (where you debit the amount of the transfer), to have the right balance
in his payee view. (see the 'WONTFIX" Bug No 141364 for details).
My way to overcome this is to change/modify the payee at the "half-part" of the
transfer transaction  (in supplier liability ledger) for the first time and
then, for every next payment to this supplier I duplicate this "half-corrected"
(with the different Payees in each split) transaction editing only the date and
the amount (and maybe the memo) fields!    

So, the problem that you describes exists, but IMHO it is problem of the
data-entry GUI especially in transfer transactions, not of the data structure.
If only you had in front of you both of "Pay From" and "Pay to" payees fields
to fill in in the data entry form, you should resolve a lot of issues - such as
this in the current bug report.

It is more than 1 year that I insist that there are a lot of problems about
transfers in KMyMoney -see post
"Transfer need DUAL Payee, Memo and No fields in form to entry" for some argues
on it.

Another useful thread on this issue (with many links to similar discussions)
you can see at:
(started at 25/4/10 by Charles Merriam)

I hope that I will find soon the time to write analytic bug reports and
proposes about the "transfer issue".
S. Chris

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