[Kmymoney-devel] question on report "Investment Price Graph"

Bernd Gonsior bernd.gonsior at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 5 20:13:11 CEST 2010

Alvaro Soliverez schrieb am 01.08.2010 22:44:
> I took a look at your question again, and now I see that the bug is
> not clear enough.
> The problem is not to hide the whole chart if the report comes up
> empty. That's seldom the case and it's not a problem.
> The actual intent of the bug is the following:
> - you have an investment.
> - that investment has prices, but not every day (eg. non-business day,
> and days you didn't get a price for)
> - the chart should only display those data points which you actually
> have a price for
> Issues:
> - the engine will always return a price, even if there is no actual
> price. To avoid that, you have to query in a way that will not return
> a price unless there actually exists one
> - KReportChartView has to handle the situation correctly
> From this point of view, it makes no sense to have a report-wide
> property to check whether there is data or not. You are counting on
> the report having data, just not for every point in time.
> Regards,
> Alvaro

Hello Alvaro,

please excuse me for answering so late, but i was very busy during the last

To check, whether i understood the task this time, i attached a patch which
produces debug-output explaining what the patch is doing. To avoid too much of
such output, i also attached a small kmymoney file which only contains a few
investments. For testing i created the report:
'Favorite Reports -> 2009: Investment Price Graph'.

The way i found is something i would not recommend to implement because i had
to access the application-core (MyMoneyFile) directly to get the dates were
prices really do exist. From my point of view the application-core should not
always implicitly return a price for a date (as you wrote above), it should be
possible to set this behavior explicitly by usage of a flag, another method or
the like.

But the main question is:
Does the patch principally do what it is supposed to do?

Regards, Bernd
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