[Kmymoney-devel] Automatic reconciliation feature

Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at gmail.com
Sun May 16 13:27:46 CEST 2010


I've committed an initial implementation of this feature 
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=228492 in SVN (not in 3.98.0). If anyone 
would like to give it a try the feature can be enabled in the 'Register' 
settings on the 'Data entry' tab using the 'Automatic reconciliation' check 
mark. It works in the following way: after closing the reconciliation dialog 
(the one in which the statement data is entered) it will look for the 
transactions in the reconciliation interval and if it finds a matching set of 
transactions (the sum of them matches the cleared balance) it will offer to 
clear them. Note that the success of the algorithm depends on the number of 
transactions and on the largest difference between the amounts of those 
transactions. So if let's say I have 20 transactions with a really big 
difference between the amounts (I've tested with a set of amounts containing 
amounts from 10000 to 0,01) the algorithm will be slower than with less 
transactions. If all transactions (or all but one) inside the reconciliation 
period should be cleared the algorithm does not depend on the number of 
transactions or on the difference between the amounts. The algorithm runs in 
polynomial time in N and 1/c where N - the number of transactions and c is a 
number smaller the the accounts precision so if the precision is 0,01 then c 
could be 0,009.
Any feedback is welcome. This being a new feature maybe it deserves a few 
words in the documentation.


Cristian Oneţ
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