[Kmymoney-devel] Possibility to tag transactions

Mikael Kujanpaa mahead80 at nic.fi
Mon Mar 22 19:14:50 CET 2010

[This discussion was started on kmymoney2-developer at lists.sourceforge.net 
mailing list, but as Alvaro pointed out, it should have been started here. I 
asked if there was any news regarding possibility to tag transactions, as 
years ago somebody requested that kind of feature. At that time, it was said 
that specification is needed before that can be done, and because nobody 
didn't write it, I did it now.]

> I added a page on the wiki to work on this. That's the best way to be
> able to collaborate and put a good specification together.
> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KMyMoney/Features/Tags

Okay, great, thank you!

> I only put some basic formatting and the images have to added back.
> Can you do it?

Yes, those pictures should be there now. (I haven't ever before modified any 
Wiki page, so I'm sorry if I did it somehow wrong.)

Please comment if there is something that needs to be specified further.


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