[Kmymoney-devel] QIF import/export date problems

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Mar 12 00:09:12 CET 2010

Hello again,

In trying to figure out my OFX problems, I decided to try (only  
temporarily) another finance program, and thought I would export my  
data from KMM so I could have a reasonable starting point in the other  
app.  When I went to import the first QIF file - it seems that KMM put  
out dates as Ddd.mm (D and . are literal, dd and mm are day and month)  
without any year.  I don't see anyplace in the QIF profile editor to  
specify this.  What did I miss?

Then, just for fun, I tried to import the QIF file produced by KMM back  
into KMM - but it rejected the date format!  I believe the handbook  
says that if the date format is ambiguous, KMM will ask about it.   
Unfortunately, the dialog just says OK will use the current date,  
otherwise specify the date format in the QIF profile.  Is this a  
problem, or just an intermediate state between 1.x and 4.x just waiting  
for the next piece?



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